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I Don't Need A Counselor!

Published: August 1, 2019
by Chad Anthony Meacham

Sometimes it’s hard to admit we need a little extra help.  Especially men; we don’t like asking for directions let alone give in to meeting with a therapeutic counselor “to talk about our feelings”.  The Meacham staff includes Dr. Mary Hooten Bivens.  She provides therapeutic counseling that goes further than just talking about feelings.  A free consultation with Dr. Bivens is extended to any family member we serve; here are just a few ways families benefit:

She helps navigate thoughts & feelings.  A death can bring about numerous complicated emotions.  Dr. Bivens is trained in exploring and processing many different feelings.  Bottling up heavy emotion usually doesn’t work which is why talking to a professional like Dr. Bivens is so helpful.

She provides a view from the outside.  If your family has experienced a death it’s likely other family members and close friends are grieving too.  Sometimes it’s hard to get the right support from someone who is also dealing with emotional pain.  Meeting with Dr. Bivens allows open expression without fear of bringing more hurt upon someone who is already weighed down with grief.

She shares strategies to cope.  It’s common that grief can interfere with everyday activities and impair the mind to that of a “foggy” state.  Dr. Bivens is trained to provide guidance and identify a coping strategy specifically to individual needs.  After all, what works for one person may not work for another.

She offers a new perspective.  Grief can put us in a muddy rut where all we do is consume our minds on the same thoughts without ever getting anywhere.  Dr. Bivens provides new insights and other ways to view the situation and leadership towards healing and peace of mind.

Therapeutic counseling is not mainstream in the world of funeral service; that is, not every funeral home offers this type of service.  Having Dr. Bivens on staff is a huge asset.  The Meacham staff is truly here to serve you.  We would be honored to earn your value and esteem.

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