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If funerals are for the living, then why should I plan mine?

Published: July 6, 2019 by Andrea Thornburg

There are two statements that every funeral professional will agree with: 1) funerals are for the living, and 2) it is important to put your plans in writing so your family will know your wishes.  I have written about the importance of pre-planning many times but never stopped to think that folks may ask this question. 

Pre-planning is so much more than choosing details of a funeral and deciding whether or not to play country music or jazz.  The process of making decisions ahead to time benefits not only the person planning their funeral but also their family and friends who will be attending it.  The most memorable services I have attended have been those that were planned in advance.  By planning ahead, you get to make a list of all the special moments that meant so much to you and your loved ones.  Think about how different a wedding ceremony would be if it were planned in 24-36 hours rather than the average 6 months to 2 years.  People, as well as memorable moments, would probably be left out.  Funeral planning is no different.  The more time you have to think about it in advance, the more memorable it will be.  Don’t leave the burden on your family to decide how important your life was and depend on them to create an honorable ceremony.  So many people tell me that they would have done it a long time ago if they would have known how simple it is to pre-plan.  We can visit in the comfort of your own home to get things started!

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